It Took Me 40 Years

To Acquire These Skills. 

You Can Learn Them In A Weekend

(Or Less!)

The Wilson Method provides easy, transferable skills that are effortless to learn, highly effective and produce proven, guaranteed results. It's the secret weapon for Speakers, Presenters and Performers who want to connect with their audiences like a master. You will learn Hollywood's Best Kept Communication Secrets that the world's biggest stars use to make themselves impossible to ignore. These techniques automatically become  a part of all your communication.

Larry Wilson
Founder & Principal

3 Ways To

Communicate Better

The Wilson Method is available in different configurations ranging from Workshops for large groups which incorporate comprehensive exercises and strategies, to intensive Boot Camps where attendees train one-on-one in personalized modules designed for use in real life situations.


  • Ideal For Large Groups, Corporations, Universities
  • Easily Implementable Strategies For Your Organization
  • Build Your Team To Work Together Better!

Boot Camps

  • Limited To 10 students
  • 2 Day Intensive In-Person Training
  • Voice, Mind & Body Training
  • Real Life Scenario Training Sessions

Online Training

New For 2021!

  • 3 Months Of Communication Mentoring
  • Custom Training Modules Delivered Every Week
  • Live Q&A Twice A Month With Larry Wilson

It Doesn't Take A Crystal Ball

Forget the mumbo jumbo. It's time you got some results. Have you invested time and money searching for a magic bullet that would solve all your problems with employees, vendors, teachers, co-workers, or even in your personal life? Better communication is the key. The Wilson Method teaches you how to communicate your needs and desires powerfully so that success is a predictable outcome.

Larry Wilson has a real gift. I've brought him in several times to talk to my employees, and he's awesome.

Laura Zander -
Software Engineer, Entrepreneur, C.E.O. Jimmy Beans Wool

The Power Of Communication

Language shapes our perception. We believe what we perceive.  It is vital that we employ language with clarity and precision. When you take possession of your personal power to communicate clearly, directly and effectively you will be able to accomplish things you never believed were possible. And you were right. The Wilson Method can change all that.

It was wonderful to have someone like Larry take me under his wing. He's a brilliant guy. I couldn't recommend him more.

Kyle Miller -
Millennial College Student

Fasten Your Seat Belt

I only teach what I know works. These easily transferable skills have taken me around the world, earned me an Emmy nomination for my t.v. appearances, and brought me to M.I.T. where I lectured on communication skills. The Wilson Method doesn't require any talent-- just a sincere desire to impact the world around you.

The great thing about having Larry teach you is that he doesn't think the way you do. Many times with Larry, just one word can make all the difference.

Bob Sheets -
International Award Winning Performer, Educator, Entrepreneur


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